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Search engine programming

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Congratulation with release! [May. 11th, 2010|04:31 am]
Search engine programming

StopKa version 1.5_100520 is ready. Link to download page: http://stopka.us/en/download.html
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Tasks for "smart" programmers (with solutions) [Mar. 24th, 2009|03:04 am]
Search engine programming

Link: http://www.stopka.us/en/articles.html
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Tasks for smart people from stopka.us [Mar. 24th, 2009|02:26 am]
Search engine programming

Thank you for your interest in StopKa.
StopKa is a privately held company, providing high quality software for the desktop search. StopKa is an innovative real-time, graphic-enhanced quotation vendor - the only vendor that inserts all exchange corrections in real time to provide accurate, integrated information to traders for decision support. We provide sophisticated software and efficient, reliable market data.

You can find additional information about our company and descriptions of open positions on our website, http://www.stopka.us.
StopKa’s success is based on the intellectual horsepower and professional skills of our developers. To give us objective basis for assessment of your professional skills, we ask you to complete our standard development assignments.
The attached technical assignments should be implemented as console applications in C++ or C#. If you have experience with both languages, please provide one of the solutions in C++ and one in C#. Don't invest your time in GUI development; command line input will be sufficient. Input data/output results should go from/to files. Output files must be readable and verifiable. We have provided a minimum set of test cases for the assignments for your convenience (see attachments).
Please, do your best with design (OOD), coding and documentation. We are looking not only for an elegant and intelligently designed solution, but also production quality code with all the required error handling, comments and tests. Please keep in mind that architecture has to be flexible enough to allow your application to be extended in the future. However, the solutions should be kept as simple as possible.

As a first step in evaluating your assignments, we will compile the source code using Microsoft Visual C++ or C# and run the tests. Your code should compile and your application should return the correct results. After that, your code will be carefully inspected by StopKa developers. In their review, they are looking for some of the following criteria. Additional tests and criteria may be used.
• Did the solution solve the problem?
• Did the solution demonstrate solid use of C++ or C# and object oriented design?
• Was the code itself readable, of good quality, and scalable?
• Were the comments purposeful and well written?
• Did the solution compile, perform well, and handle bad input?
We ask that you keep the total size of the solutions under 800 lines of code combined. If they do require more, please provide an explanation. It is expect that you should spend no more than 5 hours on each assignment.

Please return your solutions to us within a week. As soon as you finish, please send ZIP files with project files, source code and your tests input/output results to me, and we will organize review of your materials. The code will be inspected by StopKa developers, and feedback is typically given within 3 days of receiving your solution.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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C++ source snippets [Jan. 27th, 2009|10:35 am]
Search engine programming

Article page was added to my site:
here I will try to public some intresting things with the sources.
Currently I public the article "Howto create uninstall program":
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A little bit history [Dec. 12th, 2008|06:13 pm]
Search engine programming

Firstly which thing encourager me to startup my personal search engine from scratch?
I'll describe.

Several years ago I was looking for job which claim my knowledge not only as a great C++/Java programmer :), but also required my math background. Of course this should be a job with better salary much more better :). This is a gold dream of all stupid nerds as I'm ;) And of cause in Belarus Minsk district this is almost impossible to get it. Ordinarily our offshore-body-shop-firms wants to get a talent person for minimum money and telling a truth they get theirs. So I have got proposition to "talk", I have got interview proposition. Missing irrelevant details I got a task to write a program which should define language of input string. Firstly a program should study a corpus of several languages and after that it should define which language is nearest to input string. I have no machine learning knowledge at that time, my diploma work was "Effective implementation of cutting plane algorithm for Linear ordering problem, salesman problem, clustering problem". So I study the problem and a-la invent something new! :) Of course this was invented long time before - Lary & Sergey for google or even more early by some mathematician which name certainly I forgot...

I was so impressed what create site about this and it is still alive! This is a reference:
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This is start message [Nov. 28th, 2008|02:38 am]
Search engine programming

This community is intended for search technologies which are based on StopKa and LOracular.

LOracular is search engine core.

StopKa is a desktop search tool for files search on local hard drive.

All posts here will describe some features of product, how to use it and even some internal architecture and technology secrets.

Good luck!!!
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